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Monday, April 20, 2015

Treating Your Dog's Skin Allergies the Natural Way

My husband and I own and operate a pet business, and we come in contact with many dogs who have skin allergies. Some dogs seem to experience itchy and irritated skin during spring and summer months when certain plants are more prevalent in their yards. Other dogs get itchy when they eat grain-laden food. And then there is the poor dog who just seems to be allergic to life. He scratches and digs at himself year-round, no matter his environment or his diet. 

The remedies for these pestered pooches are as numerous as the types of allergens. Some vets prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. Steroids and steroid sprays/creams are also popular treatments. Many dog owners give their itching pups Benadryl to quell their symptoms. Still others purchase expensive vitamins and grain-free dog foods. We have seen it all, and nothing seems to be The Perfect Cure, although all of these options do help, to some degree. 

The only real cure for allergies is a removal of the allergen. If you don't know what causes the allergy, the treatment is merely hit-or-miss. As with people, the best way to solve the allergy mystery is to keep a diary or a record of outbreaks. When Fido is chewing his skin and scratching incessantly, write down his activities and his foods for that day. Did he spend a lot of time outside? Was a flea product applied recently that he might be allergic to? Was there a change in his diet this week? Write down everything you can think of, and record the date. With subsequent sessions like this, a pattern may develop that will lead you to the allergen answer. Once you isolate the culprit, remove it from your dog's life, if at all possible. This will break the cycle and put an end to future outbreaks.

Of course, you can't let Fido suffer while you do your research. He doesn't care about solving the mystery. He just wants his itching to stop so he can sleep in peace. That's where a little help from nature can bring a lot of relief. 

Essential oil of lavender is an excellent allergy balm. Drip as many drops as it takes to form a line from the nape of your dog's neck to the base of his tail. This is also a great way to calm your dog, making him less agitated from his furious scratching. Repeat this process as often as necessary. You may notice that your dog's time between treatments lengthens as the lavender works into his bloodstream through his skin. To better understand how this works, I invite you to read my e-book 


As you seek to control your dog's itching, don't forget to treat any self-inflicted open wounds he may have. Dogs' nails are rough (or should I say "ruff") on skin.  Coconut oil is an excellent skin ointment. It contains a natural antibiotic that soothes irritation and prevents infection. Rub this natural miracle anywhere you see redness or broken skin. If your dog licks it off, it won't hurt him at all. Quite the contrary, in fact!
Vitamin E is another skin-loving nutrient. Carefully snip the tip off of a vitamin E capsule and squeeze the oil onto your dog's irritated skin. Adding this to Fido's food is another way to bring his skin into better condition. 400 mg per day is enough to make a big difference over time.
Aloe Vera soothes wounds and cuts better than any over-the-counter remedy I have found. For this reason, I always keep some aloe plants near the house. Break off a "leaf" and squeeze the slimy goo inside onto the affected area. Again, this plant is harmless if ingested, so your dog can safely lick his wounds after you apply it to his skin.

Several days of these natural allergy relievers should have Fido feeling much better. Remember to continue your quest for the cause. Otherwise, you may spend years just treating symptoms. The good news is that years of this natural regimen will not ruin your dog's liver the way some prescription medications do over time.

Being gentle to your dog means more than careful petting and handling. Dogs need gentle doctoring too! Before you opt for a pharmaceutical treatment, see what nature has to offer your canine friend.