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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Get Safe and Natural Relief From Allergies and Hay Fever

Allergy season is my least favorite season. The pollen in the air lands on everything, and eventually ends up inside my nose! I sneeze multiple times in a row while my family looks on with a mixture of amazement, sorrow, and disgust. After about a week of this, I am ready for either an oxygen mask or a bullet to the head. Well, that's an exaggeration. Oxygen masks make me claustrophobic (smile). 

I have tried many allergy relief medications over the years. The antihistamines made me feel creepy and sleepy. I felt like each hair on my head was standing at attention, while the rest of me was slowly sliding under the chair. The new non-drowsy formulas did absolutely nothing for me. I had resigned myself to misery.

Then my swollen and sticky allergy eyes were opened one day to the healing power of essential oils. What a revelation! I had discovered the proverbial "hair of the dog that bit me". I could use the distilled oils from plants to get relief from plant allergies (and other airborne allergies). My life was forever changed.

My research into essential oil allergy relief revealed lavender to be my best weapon. I then began to apply lavender oil to my facial sinuses every morning and evening (being careful not to get any in my eyes). I sprinkled several drops of lavender oil on my pillow each night, and I placed a few drops in the palm of my hand so I could breathe it in for aromatherapy. Months passed, and my allergies began to subside. 

I continued this regimen even after I found relief, as I was afraid of having a relapse. Allergy seasons came and went, and my sinuses remained calm and unaffected. I felt like I had been cured!

Then I turned the corner from winter to spring this year, and the old, familiar sneezing pattern re-emerged. My family stopped and did a double-take. I casually passed it off as a fluke. But days gave way to weeks, and I could deny it no longer. The hay fever was back with a vengeance!

I went back to the books to do more research, and again I was directed to essential oil of lavender. But this time the treatment was a bit more extreme, and yet a little more simple. I placed one drop of therapeutic-grade lavender oil on the tip of my index finger, and I pressed it gently into the center of my tongue. Letting up after a few seconds, the perfumey taste permeated my mouth. It is definitely an acquired taste (which I have yet to acquire), but I am willing to swallow raw garlic to avoid a cold, so I pressed on in the name of allergy relief. Sure enough, a few minutes later, my sneezing stopped and my sniffling subsided. 
Every time I felt my symptoms coming back, I pressed another drop of lavender oil into the center of my tongue. Soon, I was noticing hours of relief between treatments. Then it was days. Then it was weeks. 

I still keep the lavender oil handy. It has so many great uses that go beyond allergy relief. It's a wonderful calming agent, a soothing balm for bug bites, cuts and burns, and an anti-itch remedy for rashes and skin irritations. 

The most important thing to remember is that all essential oils are NOT created equally. Many low-grade, cheap oils are tainted with potentially harmful substances that are used to dilute them. Always shop for pure, steam-distilled therapeutic-grade oils from a reputable merchant. I recommend They have been in business for many years, selling high-quality oils at a fair price.

Don't let pollen, pet dander, and other airborne allergens get the best of you. Let lavender oil be your shield and your source of relief!