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Friday, January 23, 2015

Snoring is Hazardous to Your Health

You may be thinking, "Sure, snoring is hazardous to my health. My spouse or sleep partner is likely to hurt me if I keep it up much longer!"

It's true that snoring causes contention in the bedroom. As the wife of a former snore beast, I can attest to the restless nights, and the sudden jolt out of a sound sleep that makes you wonder if a large animal is prowling around the foot end of the bed. 

But snoring does even worse damage to the snorer. The sound of snoring is produced by obstructed airways. This means that insufficient oxygen is reaching the snorer's brain and the bloodstream. When this goes on for seven or eight hours per night, the body begins to suffer. High blood pressure begins to develop, and the risk of heart attack or stroke begins to rise. These are not to be taken lightly. Snoring night after night is deadly!

So what can be done? There are actually some simple fixes, depending on the underlying cause of the problem.

Many snorers are overweight. The extra fat around the throat cuts off the airway when the person lies down, especially on his or her back. If this sounds like you, try sleeping on your side. If you have a tendency to roll back onto your back during the night, place a tennis ball in the back pocket of your sleep pants. If your pajamas are pocket-free, sew a pocket into the center of the waistband at the back and place a tennis ball there. When you roll onto your back during the night, you will quickly return to your side! 
Placing a pillow behind you will also help you to stay on your side, but pillows are much more pliable than tennis balls, so the result may not be the same.
At any rate, the side sleeping position is just a short-term solution. Losing the extra weight will do more for your overall health, and you will look better without a tennis ball bulging from the rear of your pajamas!

Another good cure for snoring comes in the form of essential oils. Aromatherapy using lavender oil will calm your senses and relax your body, helping you to get a better night's sleep. Essential oil of thyme, however, is the best defense against snoring. Find out more about this amazing herb in my e-book: 

"It's Thyme To Stop Snoring: Safely and Naturally"

If you really want to learn how essential oils work as medicine for our bodies, using the skin as a portal to the bloodstream, check out my e-book titled 

Of course, there are more traditional methods to stopping snoring, from dental devices and breathe strips to C-Pap machines and surgeries. Talk to your doctor to find out the severity of your problem. Only then can you find the proper cure.

Pleasant dreams!