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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Beating a Cold or the Flu Naturally: How to Prevent and How to Fight Back

We've all been there. A virus is lurking under the surface, and you can feel it coming on. If you do nothing, you are sure to be calling in sick tomorrow - an option you really can't afford. So what do you do?

There are some over-the-counter products out there that claim to shorten the life of a cold, or stop one before it grabs hold of you. If you are okay with drugs that contain a lot of mystery ingredients, this may be the route for you. If you prefer a natural method, then please read on. Nature is full of good ideas.

Garlic is more than a vampire repellent. It does wonders on viruses too. Peel a clove of garlic (the larger, the better) and dice it into aspirin-size pieces. Fill a large glass of water, and get ready to dose up! Place a few pieces of diced garlic toward the back of your tongue, and gulp as much water as you can to hurry them down your gullet. Rinse and repeat until you've downed the entire clove. Your tongue may catch a slight burning sensation momentarily, but the antibiotic properties of the garlic will make you glad that you braved the experience. Do this as often as you can (several times per day) until your symptoms are completely gone. You may get a mild version of the virus, but you will greatly diminish its effect.

Tea tree oil is another excellent weapon against colds. It suppresses mucus production, so you need to apply it to your nostrils and your throat. Keep in mind, this is no easy task. Tea tree oil smells and tastes horrible! Drip some onto a cotton swab, and gently swirl it inside each nostril. Get ready to sneeze and blow your nose once or twice. After that, you will notice an opening up of your airways. Do the same procedure across the back of your throat, trying not to touch your tongue. Your taste buds will hate you if this touches them.  The good news is that you will have very little nasal or throat congestion. This is especially helpful at night, so you can sleep peacefully without that horrible drowning feeling. If you are looking for a reputable place to buy tea tree oil (or any essential oil), look no further than Essential 7.

Echinacea and Goldenseal blend is another powerful tool against colds and flu. Always buy the root powder, not the leaf extract.  And look for a quality brand that you trust. Echinacea increases your white blood cell count, which is your body's immune army that fights off invaders. Goldenseal flushes your body of toxins and germs. The two together make a wonderful team. Take one capsule, four times per day (as you would antibiotics). Never take Goldenseal for more than one week on this regimen, as it can be taxing to your liver. Drink plenty of water to allow your body to flush itself out. If you have been exposed to a virus, take an Echinacea/Goldenseal capsule immediately. You will likely ward off the virus altogether.

Lastly, always keep a supply of colloidal silver on hand. It stops viruses from replicating inside your body, so taking a dose as soon as you have been infected will do you the most good. A daily dose for prevention is an even better routine for staying healthy. Learn more about the may uses of colloidal silver in my e-book 

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